Engineering Value Together - from incubation, to project realisation.

Brought together by our passion for the craft, and our deep commitment to the work, Richter is a firm of consulting civil, structural and geotechnical engineers dedicated to excellence in design and construction.

Founded in 1990 Richter specialises in temporary works design, although our wide-ranging expertise means we offer highly developed engineering services for all construction projects. With a wealth of experience working on buildings, bridges, geotechnical works, marine work, refurbishments, railways, infrastructure and demolition, there is no construction challenge we cannot accept. 
We are known for taking on and delivering the complex projects that others cannot, and our company culture is a driving force behind this success. We bring together the engineers and administrators, and partners and practices that make up our team into a unified, deeply collaborative organisation. We support each other as individuals and as a firm, to deliver the best work possible, maintaining our reputation for innovation and lateral thinking through constant professional development.  
Designing temporary and permanent works using cutting edge methodologies, we construct in a way that is innovative, cost-efficient, and as sustainable as possible. At Richter we take a deeply considerate approach to everything we do from consultancy, to design, to build. We are driven to find the most economical and least wasteful solution to every complex engineering problem.
With decades of professional experience, we hire exceptionally qualified professional chartered engineers with a broad design pedigree. At Richter we pride ourselves on hiring the brightest and best, fuelled by a professional environment built on achievement, creativity, and career satisfaction.
We nurture the next generation of brilliant engineers to come through, offering opportunities for education and advancement through our pioneering Richter Academy. We welcome and encourage any aspiring engineer who shares our fascination with construction, design, a wonder for how things work, and who looks at the world with curiosity and vision.

“Richter offer a first-class personal service from initial design stages to project completion.” Ian Horton-Plant. Head of Temporary Works - Volker Fitzpatrick

Richter is known for carrying the UK’s largest and most complex commissions through to successful completion

Our highly-experienced Chartered Engineers use their extensive experience of the building industry to produce elegant, efficient, cost-effective design solutions - offering advice and expertise backed up by years of exceptional work.

We are diligent with the preparation of all documents and design checks. We also have extensive in-house experience in the design of temporary works - including major framework, façade retention, cofferdams, lifting and moving heavy structures, temporary bridges, access and formwork.

With our vast knowledge and insight, we can give appropriate solutions for any problem - and engineer value on any large scale construction project.

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