COVID-19 Business Update

COVID-19 Business Update from Richter

Covid-19 Coronavirus update 

As of now, the UK government has moved from a ‘contain’ strategy to a ‘delay strategy to tackle the Covid-19 virus. Since this increases the likelihood of measures that affect UK business, we have also moved our own action plan to the next stage and would like to take the opportunity to provide an update on your service provision from RICHTER.

First of all, the safety and security of our employees, clients and visitors to our office is of paramount importance to us. We continue to closely monitor the spread of the virus and to follow official guidance provided to us by government agencies. 

Business continuity 

Fortunately, RICHTER can function as a mobile business if required to do so. Our IT equipment and software solutions mean that all of our staff have the capability to work remotely at any time. We have also reviewed these capabilities closely to ensure we have a robust plan in place for all employees should the need for homeworking arise at short notice. We are working on the advice of the government to ensure the wellbeing of all staff is being continuously monitored. 

We also have the capability of conducting meetings remotely using conferencing software that allows for voice, video, and screen sharing – all of which is can be used with our clients (with the set-up work done by us). So face-to-face meetings can be avoided, where necessary, without causing disruption. 

What this means for you 

Our robust continuity plans and remote working capabilities mean that you should expect zero down-time in the services that we at RICHTER provide.  

In some cases, individual members of staff may vary their working hours around family commitments (e.g. if other services or schools are not available) but the majority of our team will remain available during normal working hours. 

If you would like to meet us remotely instead of face-to-face just let us know and we can set up a video conferencing link in seconds. 

We will issue a further update if the office will be closed for any reason, in which case our landline phones may not be answered but the team members you ordinarily deal with will still be contactable via mobile phone and email as usual email account will be monitored as always for general enquiries. 

Please be assured that all necessary preparations are in place to allow us to continue to provide the level of service you expect, should the COVID-19 Virus continue to spread. 

As of today, staff will be in the offices as usual. 

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