In Memory of Peter Pallett CEng FICE

A Pillar of the Temporary Works Community

Published: 23/05/2024 13:37 - Updated: 19/06/2024 - 10:36

We are deeply saddened to learn of the passing of Peter Pallett CEng FICE, a remarkable individual who dedicated a career to the specialist field of temporary works with over 30 years to delivering temporary works training courses. As a founding member of the Temporary Works Forum (TWf) Peter's influence and contributions to our field have been immense and enduring. Peter's dedication to education and training in temporary works has left an indelible mark on countless professionals. His knowledge, passion, and commitment to safety and excellence have shaped the industry and set high standards for all of us to follow.

Peter has authored and produced so many temporary works specific codes, books, and guides it is impossible to list them here. But there won’t be any engineer out there in the field of temporary works who doesn’t have some text of Peter’s within reach right now. No Graduate out there can thank him enough for the BeamPal program he developed and made available. 

It would be safe to assume that Peter had contributed to the professional development of all of the engineering staff at Richter, encompassing the trainees all the way to the top with the current engineering leaders of our business.

Our thoughts and heartfelt condolences go out to Peter's family, friends, and colleagues during this sad time. He will be greatly missed but never forgotten.

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