Kenilworth bridge strike

Richter are responsive to urgent bridge strike

Richter were contracted by Network Rail's Framework contractor following a skip-wagon crashing into Kenilworth railway bridge in Warwickshire. The impact caused significant damage to the bridge’s central arch. As a result the contractor had to close the road to vehicles, which in turn forced the temporary closure of the railway above during the essential emergency works. In order to reopen the railway and allow movement of critical freight and passenger trains, temporary prop supports were designed by Richter engineers to quickly shore up the crown of the structure.

Following the late night emergency call, a quick solution was drawn up. A 3D model was put together to assist the installation team to quickly load their delivery vehicles with the correct equipment, ensuring an efficient delivery and implementation. The incident occurred at the early stages of the COVID-19 pandemic where the UK government needed all methods of distribution possible for the delivery of essential personal protective equipment (PPE).

Network Rail's Internal Works Delivery brickwork team carried out the necessary repairs to the structure. The construction of the bridge is primarily brick incorporating stone voussoiring, thus requiring the experience of this brickwork repair team to complete the remedial repairs to the central span.

All onsite works were coordinated and successfully carried out despite the ongoing difficult circumstances, proving a collaborative approach between parties always achieves the safest, and best result.

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