LEC1/9E - Regents Canal

Published: 27/06/2023 12:18

LEC1/9E is a single-span 3-girder half-through underline bridge on the London Euston to Crewe Line and spans over Regents Canal in Camden, Greater London. As the bridge is situated just outside of London Euston, the installation of the bridge was a critical element to Network Rails Christmas works delivery. To enable the successful outcome, Story requested that Richter support them in the completion of this challenging project through the design and development of a series of temporary works.

As per Networks Rails remit, Story were required to install a new steel E-type deck allowing for two tracks to be carried across the structure, along with a novel hanger beam to support the vast amount of cable infrastructure and maintain a driver’s walkway for future use. To achieve this feat, Richter and Story navigated challenges imposed by several obstacles including, the discovery of an orphaned tunnel and existing retaining wall, with the final solution resulting in the installation of screw-piled crane grillage consisting of 28 No. Helical Piles to support a 650Te mobile crane conducting 40Te lifts at a 30m radius.  

Given the bridge's location over the Regents Canal, Richter and Story developed a propping and jacking system founded on a heavy-duty ballasted modular pontoon, to allow the bridge to be sequentially constructed in individual components. The system allowed for individual deck elements to be supported throughout the build sequence with the jacking system able to provide fine adjustment allowing for the excess of 1000 bolts to be installed correctly.   

In addition to the technical challenges, the London site gave strict geometric constraints, meaning precise logistics, design and construction were paramount. Using bespoke visualisation software, Richter produced a full 3D coordination model incorporating the current and temporary OLE positions allowing the existing bridge to be dismantled and lifted out between the existing OLE infrastructure and accurately simulate the proposed installation. The visualisation software allowed the site team to understand the key pinch points and optimise their lifting strategy by lifting more track panels using the primary crane than previously planned, reducing the programme significantly. This virtual methodology was then brought into the trial erection to further prove the technologies capability and give confidence in the solutions.  

Ultimately, Story completed all installation operations during the Christmas blockade with the new structure open for operation at the turn of the New Year, allowing Network Rail and all passengers to enjoy travel to and from Euston Station with confidence. 

Ultimately, Story completed all installation operations for this challenging project over the Christmas period with the new structure now open for operation, allowing Network Rail and train operators to provide passengers with more reliable journeys to and from Euston Station. 

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