£170m WAML

£170m West Anglia Mainline (WAML), various locations, North-East London

Published: 02/12/2019 00:00 - Updated: 08/01/2020 - 13:12

Richter Associates have been working closely with Principal Contractor Volker Fitzpatrick to provide temporary works solutions to facilitate the planned track improvement works on the West Anglia Mainline. The proposed works involve the four-tracking of the existing line between Angel Road and Stratford which requires improvements to both station platforms and bridge infrastructure. Notable challenges include the construction of a new bridge over the River Lea where Richter Associates designed an un-balanced cofferdam to allow the new abutments to be constructed in very close proximity to the existing tracks.

This project also required the design of a reinforced earth haul road and working platform on very soft ground to allow a 750t crawler crane access to lift the new 130t bridge girders into place. Other temporary works have included piling platforms, bespoke hoarding solutions for use on existing platforms (utilising existing deck as kentledge), demolition sequences for removing existing bridge structures, and deep excavation supports. Richter Associates have also been involved in the production of permanent works such as reinforced earth acoustic bunds.

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