Time to Talk Day 2021

Richter Promotes Real Wellbeing and Mindfulness

Time to Talk Day 2021 is about taking time to have a small conversation about mental health as this has the power to make a big difference.

At Richter, we recognise our work is challenging, and we encourage and promote real wellbeing and mindfulness to support each other. Not just through the decisions we make when undertaking our designs, but to ensure we maintain our company culture that enables us to drive the results we achieve together.

Wellbeing at work is a real, meaningful priority all year round. Our initiatives bring the company together, creating a positive, supportive environment to enable high achieving and high performing teams.

Continual professional and personal development , inside and outside of work, is what we are here for, and we use it to stay passionate about what we do and how we go about it.

We encourage open and direct communication with our colleagues and believe our business to be approachable. Not just today on 4th February 2021 to mark Time to Talk Day 2021, but every day. So if you want a zoom call, a chat on the phone, need to write an email to get a matter off your chest, then feel free to do so. Our people don’t judge, and are certainly able to listen. Making contact might just put your correct foot forward. We often hear people say in a throw away remark – ‘you only live once’. This is actually untrue. You die once – you live every day.

And tomorrow will be a new day, potentially without the burden of the previous day if you want to talk to someone at Richter about it and clear your mind of any lingering anxiety and tension you might be experiencing. A small conversation with someone from Richter today, could be exactly what you needed to make a big difference and to reframe your mindset tomorrow.

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