Richter Associates provide a specialised, structural engineer demolition service.

With 30 years as a civil and structural engineer, including five years with a major UK demolition specialist, we have a wealth of experience both in the UK and internationally.

We have been responsible for providing safe and economic demolition sequences for structures ranging from power stations and bridges to 24-storey tower blocks.

Providing pre-demolition structural surveys, reports and temporary works design, identifying potential hazards and advising on how to deal with pre-stressed and post-tensioned structures, Richter Associates can provide advice on how to safely demolish complex structures, provide feasibility studies, plan demolition sequences and assist in the preparation of risk assessments and method statements.

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We have extensive experience in...


  • Calculate the strength of existing floors and advise on the size and type of demolition plant that can be safely used. Advise on back-propping, type and layout options.
  • Demonstrate by calculation the safety of a pre-weakened structure.
  • Temporary Works design for wall removal and temporary openings to allow debris removal and machine access including propping and needling.
  • Temporary Works design for shoring basement walls and under-pinning.
  • Temporary Works design for bracing systems providing stability in refurbishment and demolition.
  • Design of working platforms/embankments for tracked plant.
  • Design of temporary ramps for transferring plant from floor to floor inside buildings.
  • Provide 2D and 3D drawings and illustrations in AutoCAD, Tekla and Visio to communicate demolition sequences and methods.
  • Provide 3D collapse simulations with animated movie output in real time.


  • Structural Survey Reports.
  • Feasibility studies considering alternative demolition options and methods with recommendations that cause least risk and least disturbance to neighbours.
  • Survey and assess reported dangerous structures and provide technical judgement as required by the Building act 1984 and provide advice on emergency measures.
  • Act as an Expert Witness regarding structural failures.


  • Advising on demolition sequences and the preparation of detailed method statements and risk assessments, especially for complex structures, party wall situations and refurbishment schemes.
  • Advising on pre-weakening options associated with the controlled use of explosives.
  • Advising on safe, efficient and effective collapse mechanisms such as hingeing, launching and pulling.
  • Advising on the most suitable methods for dealing with pre-stressed and post-tensioned structural elements and other ‘special structures’.
  • Reviewing demolition methods and sequences providing an independent opinion and confirmation that the proposals are safe.
  • Providing structural advice and help for organising lifting plans.

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