Bletchley Flyover Dismantling

Bletchley Flyover Dismantling

Richter was appointed as Category 3 checker for the temporary works designed for the Bletchley Flyover dismantling sequence for the East-West Rail Alliance. Category 3 checks are carried out to ensure the proposal put forward by the specialist sub-contractor are technically sound as well as ensuring any potential risk to the operational railway is eliminated, as the 1960's viaduct severed the West Coast Mainline - a key passenger and supply route during the COVID-19 pandemic.

The objective of the scheme was to jack the bridge decks, to ensure that any adhesion to the substructure was removed prior to a large crane lifting out the decks to be processed away from the West Coast Mainline ensuring any demolition activity didn't interfere with the rail possessions, with only having a four-hour window of opportunity.

Richter have the benefit of working with many specialist sub-contractors where we are able to offer guidance on modern techniques and lessons learned from previous major projects, where our technical expertise has been accepted. Close collaboration built on trust, delivers a competitive advantage to our clients, allowing them access to more high quality specialist services than many can justify maintaining in-house. By working this way, and by establishing systems which attempt to eliminate the known pitfalls of poor communication, with well-defined roles and responsibilities established from the outset, this approach ensures we develop the collaborative decision-making that makes our partnership with the team, all the more valuable to the future success of the East West Rail Alliance Project.

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