Introducing Charlie Richter

Richter's Very Own Artificial Intelligence Engineer.

Say hi! to Charlie.

Charlie Richter is a company character developed to accompany our education and outreach work. He is an incessantly curious piece of Artificial Intelligence (AI) who wants to help the people around him build a better world. Charlie intends on doing this through The Richter Academy, which is due to be launched internally this year. His passion for engineering, tinkering and solution finding will be the foundations to supporting people with their desire to understand how how the world works. 

Charlie is all about education. Named after Charles Francis Richter, the creator of the Richter magnitude scale for earthquakes, he has an encyclopaedic knowledge of all the engineering greats, and he loves sharing his digital catalogue of inspiring stories from the great inventors.

As a highly sophisticated piece of technology, Charlie recreates himself day by day, constantly developing his own circuits and software to become a better robot. He believes that constant learning and upgrading is key to achievement and he loves when people see themselves the same way.

With AI coming closer to human level with every year, Charlie is convinced that this is the time for people and robots to work together. He is fired up with a passion for considerate engineering and thoughtful design. He wants the young engineers (and the new robots) of today to be the best that they can be and to build a better world for us all.

With his own LinkedIn profile, Charlie is also part of the AI division at Richter and is supporting the technology team in developing flexible standard design solutions to help accelerate the delivery of common items of temporary works. 

Developed in house, this new workflow enables us to have a master design which we feed with site specific geometric and loading variables, once this has been input, our AI Engineer Charlie, processes the information and turns it into a new bespoke design package in a matter of minutes, providing drawings, calculations and documentation. This allows us to provide a top-quality output. 

Richter is proud to be embracing new technologies to help bring greater value to it's customers. 

We recently launched our first design for timber spreaders over variable subgrade, this is deliberately open to help foot a wide range of possible items that may need supporting. From Hiab/small crane outriggers to scaffold base plates. Charlie can deal with a wide range of inputs from small to large, over any combination of granular or cohesive subgrades. 

This enables Richter to have an super-fast response to these kinds of items and allows our clients to move even faster than before.

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