ISO 19650 BIM Accreditation

Richter achieves BIM certification to ISO 19650

Following a successful audit process, we are delighted to announce that Richter has been awarded ISO 19650 accreditation from BSI, thus demonstrating our understanding and capability relating to Building Information Management (BIM).

This was evidenced during the audit by the effective system of processes, procedures and forms that have been produced within the Richter organisation, as part of our internal Quality Management Systems (certified to ISO 9001)

The UK BIM Framework suite of documents refers to BIM as, “getting benefit through better specification and delivery of just the right amount of information concerning the design, construction, operation and maintenance of buildings and infrastructure, using appropriate technologies”.

At Richter, we understand that disciplined application of BIM will have a major impact on the projects’ delivery by establishing best practice information management (both graphical and data) among the participants within a project, enabling informed and timely decision making, resulting in reducing risk and increasing efficiencies.

In addition to the certification, we have committed resource to provide training and support to all staff engaged in BIM outputs, embedding competency and capabilities, all supported using effective BIM tools, technology, and infrastructure. This training allows us to have clearly defined BIM roles within our project teams, with an understanding of our responsibilities as part of an information delivery plan.

BIM is part of our approach to design and developing 3D models and visualisations prior to works on site, allowing us to deliver efficiencies through reduction of waste and rework in project design and construction activities, proactively avoid potential clashes and providing confidence in complicated designs.

The ISO 19650 accreditation is an integral part of our approach to adding value through engineering to meet our clients desired outcomes, and we would like to take this opportunity to thank all those involved in this achievement. 

Great work team, congratulations!

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