Richter makes a move into Scotland

New Richter office opens in Glasgow

Published: 19/01/2022 10:00 - Updated: 03/05/2023 - 10:27

Richter and its group companies are pleased to announce the opening of their latest office in Glasgow, Scotland.

The group, comprising 48.3 Scaffold Design Limited, R W Clarke Limited and Preene Groundwater Consulting have come together over the course of the last three years, with the aim of becoming the UK’s leading temporary works design consultancy and provider of technical services to Civil Engineering and Building contractors. The current network of offices, with teams from each of the aforementioned businesses operating out of each, have demonstrated time upon time to work seamlessly to deliver strategic planning, pre-construction work, structural assessments, and the completion of temporary works design packages throughout the construction, rail, highways, geotechnical, mining, nuclear and marine industries.

The recent move north of the border marks the next exciting step for the group business which has enjoyed considerable success and growth throughout 2021. Schemes such as the £4m Great North Rail Project replacing a key piece of transport infrastructure, the continued relationship with the East West Rail Alliance, large scale project works on HS2, Hinkley Point C, and numerous re-cladding projects, have all benefited from the companies’ experience and expertise. Roger Tice CEng FICE, Richter Group Managing Director says,

“We have developed strong engineering teams across our group and consistently deliver our design works via each of the regions. The last two years of working under the threat of Covid-19 has proven our business can work as one rather than the sum of the individual offices. This has created many more opportunities for our group than we could have imagined. But this is still no substitute for teams to work closely together. Our current office network was established so to attract industries talent to a Richter location. This ensures carbon footprints are kept to a minimum, people are within reach of a Richter office and site visits can be attended too via our most local office. Glasgow and the surrounding areas have many talented people and there is a wealth of competent clients, both existing and new who Richter wish to be aligned with. Following recent successful contracts in this location, now is the time expand our geographical presence and the introduction of the new Glasgow office fulfils our business plans. It is great to see this move happen now.”

48.3 Scaffold Design Limited are the first operating company to commence in the new Glasgow office. Mark Gilroy CEng MICE, Engineering Manager will be joined in the new office by Gavin Dempsey CEng MICE, Director. Mark started with 48.3 three years ago in Redhill, Surrey, progressing from Senior Engineer to Principal Engineer and Team Lead. He has led the design team on numerous complex re-cladding schemes across London, delivering feasibility work all the way through to completion of construction. Now as Engineering Manager, with his previous experience within the oil and gas sector and transmission and distribution industry, Mark has a depth and variety of engineering understanding to produce efficient temporary works designs. We are grateful to Mark leading the new businesses from Glasgow and he talks to us about his own personal and professional development,

“I am delighted to have been given the opportunity, along with Gavin, to open this new office in Glasgow. This provides a perfect opportunity to strengthen our engineering capability in Scotland. There are a lot of exciting projects happening across Scotland, and 48.3 and Richter are perfectly suited to support these.”

Gavin Dempsey, Director has been with the 48.3 business for 10 years and has been designing scaffolding and temporary works for 15 years. His focus is on the mentorship of current and new, up and coming engineers as well as maintaining and developing design standards across the company. He will maintain this whilst keeping his hand in on the day-to-day design and checking of scaffolding and working with his Richter colleagues on a variety of temporary works design schemes.

"I am very much looking forward to working directly with more clients here in Scotland both old and new, as well as developing a great team in the Glasgow office. Training, mentoring, and professional development is something we take pride in across Richter and 48.3 and that Mark and I are both passionate about. We will be developing this next generation of engineers to provide our unique design service in Scotland to the same high standard as we do across the rest of the UK."

With this and the recent acquisitions of Preene Groundwater Consultancy and a soon to be announced Consulting Geotechnical Engineering Acquisition, this all adds considerable skill and service offerings from Richter’s group of companies. It certainly is the time to strengthen our presence and to take up our first Scottish office in January 2022. Ben Beaumont CEng MICE, Richter Group Director says,

“With the opening of this Scottish Office, we are looking to establish new engineering teams to work with all of our engineering design offices and to champion the success of this new region. Our group businesses are coming together to become one ‘symbiotic’ service offering. We have engineering design roles for all grades and we look forward to hearing from those wanting to join our forward thinking company and to build upon our recent years successes.”

For the past 12 months, Richter have been building relationships throughout the Scottish Region, and continue to offer our class leading service already received by current clients elsewhere in the UK. To showcase our Technical Services offerings, the team will be exhibiting at Rail North of the Border in Glasgow on 3rd March 2022 – please come and meet us at the event being held in the Radisson Blu Hotel.”

You can contact the team through the below details:

4th Floor, Festival House, 

177 West George Street

Glasgow, G2 2LB

+44 (0)141 260 5880

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