Leading innovation and procurement at Richter

John Kennils

Spotted by an eagle-eyed colleague in this week’s Construction Enquirer magazine, Richter’s John Kennils was captured carrying out a tunnel inspection using what was an innovative piece of scanning equipment for a previous employer.

In the interests of the users of the railway, and as part of a national refresh of Civil Examination Framework Agreements, the article is focused on Network Rail’s decision to bring this method of visual examinations back in-house. Take a moment to read the full story here.

Since joining Richter over two years ago, John now takes up the role of Group Framework Manager, his focus lies in securing future frameworks and supporting Richter’s growth strategy. John has spent valuable time sourcing and securing multiple design opportunities for the business that he has formed strong, trustworthy relationships with clients during his 21 years in the construction industry.

He continues to involve himself in solution finding and innovative approaches when speaking with Clients. The world’s first masonry bridge arch lift ElevArch® is testament to the scale of schemes John has been, and continues to be involved with.

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