Morpeth Embankment

Richter provides temporary works design support on the Morpeth embankment scheme.

Published: 19/10/2022 11:43

On the East Coast Mainline close to Morpeth Train Station, trains are running at a reduced speed. This is due to earth movements in the 130-year-old embankment which supports the railway.

The project at Morpeth, delivered by principal contractor Story Contracting on behalf of Network Rail, included stabilisation works to the embankment and to safeguard the East Coast Mainline for many years to come.

Richter supported Story with the temporary works design for the construction of a access road to the embankment and localised widening of the existing public highway. This design also included a site compound for welfare cabins and storage. Reducing excessive use of imported stone was a consideration in the design due to the undulating topography of the land.

The project required the installation of sheet piled wall, counterfort drains and horizontal drains. Richter was tasked with providing access and working platforms from the site compound for the required piling plant and equipment.

Significant consideration and consultation with stakeholders was carried out to ensure the effects on the local environment and wildlife through vehicle tracking were eliminated. Via the use of market leading software avoiding disturbance to local ponds, and refining the cut and fill activities, reducing the volume of engineered fill material being imported.

This phase of the project was a temporary intervention to limit earth movements within the embankment and making provision for the permanent stabilising works to be carried out.
Richter and Story Contracting have worked collaboratively to ensure Network Rails’ infrastructure is fully operational during the works, putting passengers first.

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