Ninian Topside Demolition

Richter Supports with Phase One of the Ninian Topside Demolition.

Arriving on eight legs, each circa 30 metres high, the 14,000 tonne steel structure that is Ninian North oil platform was built in 1978. The impressive collapse of the platform recently took place at the Dales Voe decommissioning facility in Shetland, Scotland. 

Richter is proud to be associated with demolition specialist, Veolia and explosive specialist Precision Demolition Company (PDC), in this successful completion of the first phase of the demolition. It is now possible to process the Ninian topside from the ground using Veolia’s heavy plant and standard demolition ‘Cut & Pull’ techniques.

Working top-down and bay by bay, the modules can now be individually cut and pulled for processing, saving many thousands of man-hours working at height.

Watch the impressive video here.

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