Richter Supports £4m Project Siddick

Richter Supports the £4m Great North Rail Project to Replace the Key Piece of Transport Infrastructure.

The Siddick Bridge in Workington, Cumbria, is a key piece of infrastructure for the industrial town. It provides access for every-day traffic as well as heavy goods vehicles carrying thousands of tonnes of cargo, to and from the Port of Workington each year.

Due to the condition of the old bridge, it was reduced to a single traffic carriageway and became unfit for use. The reconstruction of this major asset, means traffic will now be able to travel in both directions – not only safer, but a huge improvement for those using the bridge on a daily basis.

As part of the Great North Rail Project, Richter has worked collaboratively with Story Contracting, to produce a diversion route for vehicles and pedestrians to allow the installation of the new bridge over the Carnforth Barrow and Carlisle Line.

To enable the thoroughfare of vehicles, Richter designed an asphalt haul road with palisade level crossing gates thus maintaining the smooth transition of vehicles from the Port, to the main road.

The installation of the haul road also gave access points to help redivert the public bridleways, mitigating any further impact of the works on the wider public.

The outcome not only allowed the site team to work effectively and efficiently within the surrounding area, but the overall scheme will improve the passengers journey and the access to and from the all important Port of Workington for many years to come.

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