Richter Supports TWf Year Book

TWf 2021/22 Year Book

Richter is honored to have contributed towards the Temporary Works Forum (TWf) 2021/22 Year Book.

Richter’s Group Managing Director, Roger Tice CEng FICE wrote a piece titled ‘Sustainability Reimagined’. His vision of the civil engineering and construction sector and the future it holds for us is considered on pages 56 & 57. It looks at Richter's use of BIM, and recognises engineers must construct in a way that safeguards the future of our precious planet. Sustainable development and delivery of projects is to be considered throughout the lifecycle of the development, from incubation of a scheme through to asset disposal. Engineers must continue to do things better, and leave a legacy of structures that were built with the wellbeing of future generations, and the needs of today in mind.

Ben Beaumont CEng MICE, Richter Redhill Director and Managing Director of 48.3, writes about how managing scaffolding safely is everyone’s responsibility and the ways the TWf is supporting the industry to achieve this. The article is on page 24 of the Year Book. Ben writes this article with authority, and is deeply embedded in the scaffolding sector. He is a Director of the TWf, and has brought his years of experience on the correct use and design of scaffolding structures to a number of working groups and published industry standards. He has previously been a contributing member to the National Access & Scaffolding Confederation (NASC) Technical Committee and is embedded into the Temporary Works Steering Group at Hinckley Point C to ensure compliance and looking at advancing what is currently known into more effective and safer methods of delivering large scale construction projects.

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May we take this opportunity to thank the teams and individuals who helped put the articles together and also to the TWf for the invaluable work they continue to deliver.

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