Shaft Construction on Silvertown Tunnel

Richter support RiverLinx CJV.

Richter has assisted RiverLinx CJV at both the North Greenwich and Silvertown sites to construct the shafts in preparation for the arrival of the Tunnel Boring Machine (TBM).

Richter continue to work on site to design some of the temporary works including the following:

- Slope stability assessments to enable the construction of the proposed capping beams due to a significant offset level between existing ground and proposed beam level. The slope stability needed to account for surcharge due to an adjacent road carrying traffic.

- Working platforms to enable piling rigs to operate and future mobile cranes for lifting operations to be carried in and out of the shafts.

- Retaining wall design to allow cranes to operate as close as possible to the shafts whilst also utilised as edge protection due to the offset between top of capping beam and existing platform level. The design ensured that the pre-cast L wall blocks were structurally capable to withstand the load whilst ensuring there was no stability issues as a result of the imposed crane surcharge and earth pressure.

- Gantry crane strip foundations to support a circa 140t per leg load. This included the detailed TC design of the strip foundation and checking the bearing capacity and any differential settlement on the ground which was critical for the gantry crane supplier.

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