Staff Promotion

Jerry Pullinger

It gives us great pleasure to announce the promotion of Jerry Pullinger from Richter's Bedford office to Technical Director and member of Group Technical Services. Those who have worked with Jerry will agree his wealth of experience in temporary works is exemplary and well known, and he will make a valued contribution to the Richter business.

In addition, and alongside Stewart Carolan-Evans and Paul Boddy, Jerry provide's technical support and approvals of designs for all Richter offices when they need it. The Technical Services group has been set up to provide the technical and training leadership necessary to maintain Richter as the market leaders in it's field of engineering. Jerry's years of construction experience will contribute to the success of this, and will see the up and coming talent at Richter have access to the experience of this department of industry's oracles.

Jerry, from all your colleagues at Richter, many congratulations.

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