Stockport Car Park

Safeguarding a Car Park Deck

Richter was commissioned with the design of a structural crash deck which was to be placed on the first floor of a multi-storey carpark. The deck itself was 7m by 10m in plan, of 2m total height, and able to withstand a high load rating of up to 15.5kN/m2.

The crash deck was designed as part of the safeguarding measures against any injury or damage that could occur from any structural failures in the block and beam floor of the carpark, which was being tested for structural capacity at the time.

In addition to providing the design services for the crash deck, Richter undertook the costing exercise for the supply and installation of the deck in order to ensure the most cost-effective solution was achieved.

Using the strong levels of engineering experience and knowledge within Richter, the design, which included a comprehensive Category 2 check to validate the solution, was completed and returned to the client.

Communication with both the client and suppliers was well established throughout the project, ensuring the steelwork and logistical availability was in place, whilst maintaining transparency and ensuring control remained with the client.

The scheme was successfully completed by the client, and have since continued to work together with Richter on a variety of structural projects across the UK.

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